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You work hard for your money so let us help you keep as much of it as possible. Tax laws are always changing and we have the knowledge and skills to help you get the most out of your situation. Don't trust a software program that is made for the masses, put your trust in someone who knows you and your unique situation. We are here to help you.

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Individual Tax Preparation

Audit insurance and identity theft restoration coverage included with each individual return.

Business Tax Preparation

Do you have the right type of entity when it comes to taxes?  We will let you know if any changes are advised.

Estate & Trust Tax Services

Was there a death in the family?  Have a trust?  Estate or trust income tax returns may be required.

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Individual Tax Preparation

Does the tax code ever confuse you?  Do you know what can and cannot be deducted from income on your tax return?  Do you know how to handle business, foreign, investment, or rental income?  If not, our Enrolled Agent can give you a hand and help minimize your tax paid.

Also, with each individual tax return prepared, audit insurance is provided along with identity theft restoration coverage.  This provides expert assistance with interpreting and resolving federal and state audits and inquiries. For a year, you will have Comprehensive, personalized recovery services for identity theft incidents.


Business Tax Preparation

Do you have a business?  Are you thinking of starting one?  We can assist in selecting the right type of entity for your business so you minimize your tax bill, whether that be a sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC. 

If you have a current business, we can help you find ways to decrease your tax bill with often overlooked deductions.  Just give us a call and let us help you grow your business with tax saving methods.


Estate & Trust Tax Services

Deaths in the family are never pleasant, and neither is doing the final tax returns for the deceased.  Many don't realize that two tax returns are often required the year a loved one dies.  Not only do you have a final individual return to file, but an Estate Income Tax return, along with an Estate Tax Return, may be required.  Our Enrolled Agent will show sensitivity in preparing the tax returns for your loved one's estate and help minimize the tax impact for those left behind.

While many trusts don't require a tax return, if yours does, give us a call.  Trusts and Estates have a compressed tax table, so the tax rates go up faster than they do for individuals.  We can aid you and your attorney to find a way to set up your trust so that your tax bill isn't quite so high.


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